Shallow "bays" and smaller “moon"? An effective keratin can prove to help.

Keratin is a sulphur-rich protein that forms the basis of hair. It makes the hair strong and gives it its natural character, i.e. the hair you were born with. In fact, each strand of hair is made up of 90% keratin. Therefore, it is perhaps not so strange that a lack of keratin weakens the hair shaft, it loses its luster and shine and elasticity disappears. But not only that – more hair follicles are at risk of losing their ability to grow, which with us men mainly shows up as "moons" and increasingly deeper folds.

Fill up with the right protein

With the right nutritional supplements for your hair, you can help your hair regain both its strength and density. But there is one thing that is then important, namely that you choose a keratin that can really be absorbed by the hair shaft. And that's where Cynatine HNS comes into the picture. This patented keratin, included in Hårkontroll Man Hair Boosting Nutrition, has the unique property of being water-soluble, meaning it really lined up by the hair follicle and give the growing hair its important properties.

Having lost hairs in half

When choosing a food supplement or vitamin preparation for the hair, is it is therefore important that it really works. In the case of the keratin Cynatine HNS in Hårkontroll Man Hair Boosting Nutrition, scientific studies have shown that the absorption is so effective, that the subjects halved the number of hair loss. This means several hundred hairs a week, over a thousand a month and during a growth phase of three months you have over ten thousand more active hairs that give strength, volume and resilience to your hairstyle.

More hair follicles in growth

Another important feature of Cynatine HNS is that 10% more of your hair follicles will be in the growth phase. This is a result of the patented keratin reducing the number of hair follicles that are resting, i.e. not growing at the moment. Considering that a person has on average more than a hundred thousand hairs, you understand what a difference this can mean. And since "bays" and "moons" are the first signs of passive hair follicles, this is where the difference is most noticeable according to studies.

Stronger hair

The hair strength decide several things. Partly how easily your hair breaks, partly how resilient it is and thus how much better it fits and works in your hairstyle. Studies show that Cynatine HNS strengthens each hair by an average of 6%. It is this extra strength that makes the hair last longer, maintains its character and allows you to create your personal hairstyle.

Included in Hair Control MAN Hair Growing System

Hårkontrol Man Hair Boosting Nutrition is part of the 3-component treatment Hårkontroll Man Hair Growing System. Two scientific studies show that the treatment provides:

  • Increase in hair growth already after 10 days
  • 50% less hair loss
  • Increased wear resistance in each hair strand, i.e. they stick better
  • More hair follicles in active growth phase instead of resting (when the hair does not grow)
  • Stronger hairs

When you choose Hårkontrol MAN Hair Growing System, you get a scientifically documented treatment that really strengthens hair and promotes hair growth.

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