Hårkontroll® Grey Hair - FOR HER

Hårkontroll® Grey Hair For Her contains the patented keratin Melatine® which slows down the development of new grey hairs.

    Patented, pigment-rich keratin Melatine®
    Gradual re-pigmentation of the hair's natural color
    Slows down the appearance of new gray hairs
    Visible results after 60 days of use

    Hårkontroll® Grey Hair - FOR HER

    Hårkontroll® Grey Hair for women contains building biotin which promotes strong and healthy hair, combined with the active, patented keratin Melatine®which helps the hair roots to gradually restore the hair’s natural color and slow down the development of new grey hairs by providing the hair root with pigment and stimulating melanogenesis.

    Melanogenisis is the biochemical process in which the pigment melanin is formed, which gives hair its color. The speed of melanogenesis is controlled by the enzyme tyrosinase, which also determines how actively the cells form melanin pigment.

    Customer satisfaction after 4 months

    • 95% satisfied users
    • 87% feel that their hair became more colored
    • 84% want to continue the treatment
    • 85% recommend the product

    Demonstrated effect with Melatine® keratin

    A clinical study shows that Melatine®< /sup> increases hair strength, provides a gradual re-pigmentation of the hair's natural color by supplying the hair root with pigment, stimulates melanogenesis (pigment formation) and slows down the development of new, gray hairs.

    • The hair becomes markedly re-pigmented already after 60 days.
    • The effect is also enhanced with longer use.

    Melatine®-keratin is produced from sheep wool from a specific breed of sheep whose wool contains organic copper and high levels of melanin pigment.

    The keratin peptides have a unique ability to reactivate the formation of the hair's own, natural pigments.

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    Hårkontroll's products can be purchased at Pharmacies, health food stores, online stores and selected hair salons.

    Important nutrients

    Hair control® Gray Hair contains building biotin that promotes strong and healthy hair and organic copper, combined with the patented, pigment-rich keratin Melatine® that helps the hair roots to gradually restore the hair's natural color and slow down the development of new gray hairs .


    Usage: Two tablets daily with a meal.

    Packaging: Blister with 60 tablets.

    Tip: Too much washing, coloring, chemical bleaching, sun and bathing, and hot styling tools can weaken and thin your hair. Let your hair rest occasionally and be careful with regular wraps to add moisture, dry and brittle hair is fragile and breaks easily.


    Melatine® keratin, filler (microcrystalline cellulose), surface treatment (magnesium salts of fatty acids, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, glycerol), emulsifier (crosslinked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose), anti-caking agent (silica), biotin (D-biotin).< /p>

    Slows down the appearance of new grey hair strands.

    Patented, pigment-rich keratin that stimulates the hair's pigment formation and slows down the development of new gray hairs.
    Important for the structure of the hair and the formation of melanin, the hair's pigment.
    Promotes healthy and well-being hair.

    Common questions and answers

    Here you will find answers to common questions about Hårkontroll® Grey Hair - FOR HER

    Can I use Hårkontroll Grey Hair regularly?

    Yes, it is perfectly possible to use Hair Control Gray Hair as long as you want and need. The longer, the better. The pigmentation remains as long as the product is used.

    What other effects does Hårkontroll Grey Hair have?

    Hair control Gray Hair also contains active and easily absorbed keratin peptides that increase the strength and resistance of the hair and nails, organic copper that contributes to the pigmentation of the hair and skin, and biotin that contributes to the normal functions of the hair.

    Is there a risk of increased hyperpigmentation whilst use Hårkontroll Grey Hair?

    No, hyperpigmentation has not been noted even with long-term use of Melatine® keratin. Hyperpigmentation is mainly caused by excessive sun exposure, damaged skin and hormonal changes.

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