Privacy Policy

1.Privacy policy & Cookies

Baltex is concerned about your personal privacy. This privacy policy applies to all webpages on Baltex Scandinavia AB is responsible for the processing of personal details that are collected on the website.  You can always contact us with questions regarding privacy and data protection by sending an e-mail to us at

1.1 Personal details that are processed

Examples of information that is collected:

·         Company name

·         Contact person

·         Company address/invoicing address

·         Telephone number and e-mail address

·         Information on use of the website, in the form of, for instance, which pages are visited, browser settings and IP address.

Baltex does not collect personal information such as personal ID numbers or information on payment methods.

1.2 How do we collect information?

Baltex collects information by means of forms on our websites. Such information is given on a voluntary basis. If you choose not to give personal details, we may be prevented from giving you access to certain products or services.

Examples of forms:

·         Contact form

·         When you want to test or buy a product or service

·         When subscribing to our newsletter by e-mail

1.3 The purpose of information that is collected

·         To be able to give access to our products and services

·         To be able to send relevant information

·         To be able to send electronic mailings with product news, campaigns and offers.

·         To be able to contact you to answer your question and/or offer our products and services

We do not collect any information from third parties.

1.5 Legal grounds for collecting personal details

·         Consent

·         Contract

·         Balancing of interests

1.6 How is information stored?

Information that is collected by means of forms on is stored in our e-mail marketing system.

1.7 How is information removed?

Information is removed upon the customer requesting the same from our customer service.

1.8 Sharing of information with third parties?

Personal details are not shared with third parties, but Baltex may use sub-contractors to provide all or part of the website. Such sub-contractors are personal data assistants and may process personal details on behalf of Baltex.

1.9 Rights

As a user of Baltex Scandinavia AB’s website,, you have the right to demand transparency regarding the processing of personal details. You can also demand rectification, limitation or erasure of personal details in conformity with the Swedish Privacy Protection Law. When the processing of personal details is based on consent, then one is able to withdraw your consent at any time.If you think that Baltex has not respected your rights in conformity with the Swedish Privacy Protection Law, you are entitled to appeal to the current supervisory authority. This is done by sending a complaint to the Swedish Data Protection Authority. Contact details can be found at:


Telephone +46 (0)8-640 05 95

Baltex AB, Ljusterögatan 14, 116 42 Stockholm


In order for this website to work correctly, we sometimes download small files to your computer. Such files are called “cookies”. Most larger websites do the same thing.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved onto your computer, telephone or tablet when you visit a website. Cookies help websites to remember your settings (e.g. username, language, text size and other pre-selections) for a certain duration. The idea is that you do not need to reconfigure your settings each time you visit a website or browse pages.


On several of our pages, cookies are used to remember:

  • your settings, e.g. contrast and text size
  • if you have already responded to a pop-up form where we ask if you found what you were looking for, (so that you are not asked again)
  • if you have accepted that we use cookies on the website.

Some video clips on the website also use cookies for collecting anonymous statistics on how you arrived there and which video clips you have watched.Cookies are not completely necessary for a website to work, but they make it easier for you to search for information. You can remove or block cookies, but, if you do so, be prepared for the website not working optimally.

Cookies are not used to identify you personally and the collected details are completely under our control. Cookies are solely used for the purposes given here.

How you can control cookies.

You can control and delete cookies just as you want. Read more at You can remove all cookies that are stored on your computer and you can configure your web browser not to accept any cookies. If you do so, you may have to reconfigure some settings each time you visit a website and some services and functions may not work