Proven hair supplements and external care products for stronger, healthier, and more radiant hair for everyone.

Discover the secret to healthy, vibrant hair with Hårkontroll®. Our expertly formulated hair care range is designed to nourish the roots, ensuring your hair not only looks great but feels fantastic too.

Explore our solutions for maintaining healthy hair, slowing the onset of grays, and encouraging robust hair growth.

Proper nutrition for the hair roots
Strengthens the hair and promotes growth
Gives the hair elasticity and shine

For women

Comprehensive concept with caring and documented building hair supplements for healthy, strong and well-being hair with long-lasting quality.

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Hårkontroll® Original

Broad nutritional supplement for hair and nails

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Hårkontroll® Boost

Boosting nutrients and keratin supplements

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Hårkontroll® Hydrating Spray

Counteracts frizzy, lifeless and dull hair.

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Hårkontroll® Deep Intense Hydrating Mask

Moisturising wrap with repairing extracts

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Hårkontroll® Hydrating & Restoring Shampoo

Gentle and moisturising shampoo

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Hårkontroll® Hydrating & Protecting Conditioner

Moisturising and softning shampoo

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Hårkontroll® Hair Growing Serum

Strengthening and activating

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For men

Effective 3-step treatment, specially developed for men's hair. The three components work together and strengthen the hair, promote hair growth and prevent hair aging.

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Hårkontroll® MAN Hair Boosting Nutrition

1 - Keratin boost for hair roots

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Hårkontroll® MAN Hair Thickening Shampoo

2 - Deep clean and preparation

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Hårkontroll® MAN Intensive Hair Serum

3 -Activates the hair root

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For grey hair

Hair supplements that contribute to hair growth, give the hair strength and elasticity, and stimulate the hair's pigment formation and slow down the development of grey hairs.

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Hårkontroll® Grey Hair - FOR HER

Slows down the appearance of new grey hair strands.

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Hårkontroll® Grey Hair - FOR HIM

Slows down the appearance of new grey hair strands.

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Find Hårkontroll products at one of our retailers

Hårkontroll's products can be purchased at selected pharmacys, health stores, online stores and selected hairsalons in several countries.

Image of hårkontroll boost product

Quality-tested products with documented effectiveness

According to an independent study carried out by the health panel, many people experienced great benefits from using Hårkontroll Boost for both hair and nails, including hair quality and texture, stronger nails and less hair loss. In addition, it was reported:

67% of participants experienced better hair growth after the Boost regimen.
Of those who participated, 66% reported an improved shine in their hair.
Less hair loss
Of those who responded, 73% experienced less hair loss.
Would recommend to a friend
Of the 71 participants who responded to the survey, 80% would recommend using Hårkontroll Boost.
For men
Hair Growing System
Unique 3-component treatment, specially developed for men's hair. The three components work together and strengthen the hair, promote hair growth and prevent hair aging.
Hair Boosting Nutrition
Hair Thickening Shampoo
Intensive Hair Serum
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Articles, tips and news

Shallow "bays" and smaller “moon"? An effective keratin can prove to help.

Keratin is a sulphur-rich protein that forms the basis of hair. It makes the hair strong and gives it its natural character, i.e. the hair you were born with. In fact, each strand of hair is made up of 90% keratin.
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Can hair loss be prevented?

We have a natural hair loss that is part of the hair's rejuvenation process. If you stress the hair, this can lead to increased hair loss.
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Split ends and frizzy hair

Trying to save up for longer hair, but constantly forced to top up because of split ends? Follow our advice to treat and avoid split ends.
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