Hair growth phases

Hair growth phases

It may seem that the hair is growing all the time. We need to go to the hairdresser regularly so that it does not feel unkempt and too far based on the style and hairstyle we want. And this is true, but every hair has its different phases - sometimes it grows and sometimes it rests.

It is often said that hair grows in cycles. Each hair follicle alternates between three different phases - a growth phase, a transition phase and finally a resting phase. Then the growth phase returns, and the cyclical process continues.

The growth phase

This phase is called in a finer word for the anagen phase. It is during this phase that the hairs are formed and grow. About 90% of all hairs are in this phase at the same time. This is a long phase that can last for several years and gives a growth of a few tenths of a millimeter every day. It may not sound like much, but in a whole year it will be about a decimeter. However, growth can vary individually. For example, it has been established that if the hair root receives the right nutrients from within (through food and supplements), the growth rate increases.

The transition phase

The transition phase, also called the catagenic phase, is the phase in the life of the hair that it stops growing and instead prepares to rest. In practice, it is the hair follicle (the "root" of the hair) that contracts and ceasesto produce growth. This is a relatively short phase in just a few weeks.

The rest phase

During the resting phase (telogenic phase) there is no activity in the hair follicle, and so it is for a couple of months. Around 10% of the man's hair is in this phase at the same time. At the beginning of the resting phase, the hair remains, but then it comes off completely naturally, for example when combing or washing thehair. This hair loss is a natural part of the hair's life cycle, and as a rule of thumb it is said that it falls off about 100 hairs a day completely naturally. When the hair is loosened, the hair follicle prepares to re-enter the growth phase, and then begins to produce a new hair -and then the natural hair growth begins again.

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