For grey hair

A new hair supplement with pigment-rich Melatine® keratin that provides a gradual re-pigmentation of the hair's natural color and slows down the development of grey hairs.

Results already after 60 days

Re-pigmentation and slows down the appearance of new grey hairs.

Hårkontroll® Grey Hair - FOR HER

Slows down the appearance of new grey hair strands.

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Hårkontroll® Grey Hair - FOR HIM

Slows down the appearance of new grey hair strands.

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Why does hair turn grey?

Grey hair is a natural part of our aging and usually the hair's journey towards grey begins between the ages of 30 and 50, sometimes even earlier. Hair color is produced by so-called melanocytes, pigment-producing cells in the hair follicle. As the melanocytes become worn out, the hair gradually begins to lose its color. Each hair follicle also has its own course, which explains why individual hairs can turn grey long before the entire hair loses its color.​​

It is primarily our heredity that determines when hair starts to turn grey, but researchers have found that lifestyle factors such as smoking and stress can also accelerate the progression of greying hair.

Ingredienser som stärker och återpigmenterar

Ingredienserna i Hair Beauty Concept stärker rötter & ger spänst, kraft & lyster till håret

Resultaten ligger i den naturliga kraften hos våra ingredienser

Patented, pigment-rich keratin that stimulates the hair's pigment formation and slows down the development of new gray hairs.
Promotes healthy and well-being hair.
Important for the structure of the hair and the formation of melanin, the hair's pigment.

Kundnöjdhet efter 4 månader

Enligt en studie upplevde många stora fördelar av att använda Hårkontroll Grey Hair som ett tillskott i vardagen

Nöjda användare
Upplever att deras hår blivit mer pigmenterat
Vill forstätta behandlingen
Rekommenderar produkten

De unika extrakten Cynatine® HNS & RootPrep™ i Hårkontroll Man samverkar

Cynatine® HNS: Kliniskt dokumenterat keratintillskott som optimerar förutsättningarna för varje hårrot.
RootPrep™: Rengörande, förberedande och vitaliserande schampo.
RootPrep™: Koncentrerat, djupverkande serum som främjar hårtillväxt och bidrar till fylligare hår.
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Get control over grey hair with Hårkontroll Grey Hair

Have you noticed the first gray hairs creeping in? Worried about losing your natural hair color? Worry no more! Hårkontroll Grey Hair is here to help you control grey hair and maintain your youthful look.
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Your hair becomes re-pigmented already after 60 days

A clinical study shows that Melatine® increases hair strength, provides a gradual re-pigmentation of the hair's natural color by stimulating melanogenesis (pigment formation) and slows down the development of new, grey hairs. The hair becomes markedly re-pigmented already after 60 days.

The effect is also enhanced with longer use. Melatine® keratin is produced from sheep's wool from a specific breed of sheep whose wool contains organic copper and high levels of melanin pigment. The keratin peptides have a unique ability to reactivate the formation of the hair's own, natural pigments.

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