Can hair loss be prevented?

We have a natural hair loss which is part of the hair rejuvenation process. Hairs are found e.g. on the pillow, in the shower and in the sink. If you collect these over a number of days and count them, the rule of thumb is that if it is up to 100 hairs per day on average, then it is completely normal. But if it exceeds this, it can be a sign of an abnormal condition.

Hair loss that we can influence and reduce

If you stress the hair, can this lead to increased hair loss. Stress then means e.g. dyeing the hair, intensive brushing or if you use a hair dryer or straightener frequently. A lack of vitamins and minerals can also contribute to increased hair loss. Just general hair loss can be a sign that the hair roots lack important vitamins and minerals. You know e.g. that biotin, niacin and zinc contribute to preserving the hair's normal properties.

Clinical studies show reduced hair loss with proper nutrition

The effect of a good supply of nutrients to the hair roots and how this affects hair loss is studied. Among other things, it has been possible to show that hair loss in connection with washing is reduced by 30%, while the strength of the hair increases by 12%. At the same time, both shine and luster were improved.

Hormonal hair loss

Hormonal, hereditary causes of hair loss are also common, especially during menopause. Doctors (dermatologists) can easily determine whether the hair loss is due to hormonal causes through blood tests.

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