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How long should I use Harkontroll MAN - Hair Growing System?

A healthy hair grows on average about 1 cm per month, and slower in the hairline. We recommend using the entire series for 12 weeks for the best results.

Can Harkontroll MAN - Hair Boosting Nutrition cause side effects?

Yes, if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients, please avoid using this product.

Can you get increased hair growth elsewhere on the body?

No, the active ingredients only affect the hair on the head. Hair on the rest of the body has a different structure and is not affected.

What is RootPrep ™?

RootPrep is our name for a well-documented extract called Redensyl, the extract consists of a broad composition of different herbs which in studies has shown a very good effect on increased hair strength, less hair loss and it gives a fuller and stronger hair. Both Harkontroll Man Hair Thickening Shampoo and Harkontroll Man Intensive Serum contain that extract.

How does the keratin in Harkontroll MAN - Hair Boosting Nutrition

It is a bioavailable keratin called Cynatine HNS, bioavailable means that it attaches to the hair root from the inside and boosts the hair root with the right nutrition, so you get a stronger and fuller hair.

Does Harkontroll MAN - Hair Growing System help everyone?

No, there must be live hair roots for this treatment to work. If the hair root is completely dead, it does not help, but if it is in the telogen phase, the hair root is helped to grow. With the right nutrition from the inside out, the right conditions are created for stronger and fuller hair

How does Harkontroll MAN - Hair Growing System work?

Harkontroll Hair Growing System is a unique 3-component solution. The hair root is nourished by the blood circulation, and it’s therefore important to have a good supply of nutrients for the hair to have the right conditions. It is never a single substance that causes the hair to lose its condition, strength and growth. Vitamins and minerals work together in the body to fulfill different functions. Harkontroll Man Nutrition is composed of vitamins, minerals and an extra dose of biotin for periods when the hair needs a little extra help. The nutritional supplement also contains the patented keratin Cynatine HNS. Keratin is the main component in hair, a protein that has the highest content of the amino acid cysteine, a natural reservoir of sulfur. It binds to the hair root from the inside and ensures that the hair root has the best conditions for good growth. The shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp and hair root from the outside so that the active Harkontroll Man Intensive serum can penetrate the hair root and stimulate better hair growth

Does your hair grow all the time?

No, the hair has different phases. The anagen phase lasts for 2 to 8 years. Here the cells divide in the hair root and produce the surface of the hair. The hair follicle grows into the deeper layers of the skin for nourishment. The length of the hair is also determined by the length of this phase. The catagenic phase stands for renewal and lasts for 2 to 4 weeks. The hair follicle shrinks to about one-sixth of its usual size, the hair then stops growing, and the root eventually pushes up and falls off. The telogen phase is also called the hair rest phase and lasts for 2 to 4 months. The hair doesn’t grow but stays in contact with the hair follicle when the root rests. About 10-15% of all hair is always in the telogen phase, and after this the cycle is complete the hair changes back to the anagen phase.

What is meant by Hair Loss?

We normally lose about 100 hairs per day, which is nothing to worry about. But if you lose more hairs for a longer period, you can talk about hair loss. There are many causes of hair loss, genetic factors, thyroid problems, prolonged stress or infections. If you are worried, you should seek help from a doctor to find out the underlying causes.


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