Harkontroll Man - Hair Growing System

Triple treatment for hair loss and thin hair.

Unique 3-component treatment, specially developed for men's hair. The three components work together and strengthen the hair, promote the hair growth and prevent hair from aging.

Nutritional boost to the hair root

Hair Boosting Nutrition

Contains Cynatine®HNS, a patented keratin extract with proven absorption capacity. Studies show that Cynatine®HNS increases hair strength.


Cleans & Stimulates microcirculation

Hair Thickening Schampoo

A deep cleansing shampoo with the extract RootPrep ™ which stimulates the microcirculation and thus contributes to renewed elasticity, volume and strength of the growing hair.


Stimulates stem cells and promotes regrowth

Intensive Hair Serum

Contains the clinically documented extract, RootPrep ™. The serum promotes hair growth so that the hair becomes denser, fuller and looks healthier

harkontroll man - hair growing system

Dietary Supplements,Shampoo & Serum.

Harkontroll Hair Growing System is a unique 3-component treatment to promote hair growth in men. The treatment provides a powerful nutritional supplement to the hair root, at the same time as the hair root is stimulated, regrowth is promoted, and the hair becomes stronger.


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Hair Growing System

Harkontroll Growing System is a unique 3-component treatment to promote hairgrowth in men.

About hair growth phases & hair loss

Learn more about hair growth phases and hair loss.

The secret lies in our ingredients. Unique effect with natural power.


Larixeuropaea (larch tree) stimulates the stem cells along the hair root and hairfollicles and thus supports the return from the dormant to the active growth phase.

Green Tea

Camellia sinensis (green tea) has an anti-inflammatory effect that restores the scalp to its optimal condition.


Medicago sativa (blue alfalfa) a natural complex of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K strengthens the hair stem cells and restores the natural elasticity.

Yellow sweet waffle

Melilotusocinalis (yellow sweet waffle) concentrated flavonoids in combination with the antioxidant effect fights free radicals and prevents hair aging.


Rosmarinusocinalis (rosemary) tones, stimulates and has an antibacterial effect. Promotes blood microcirculation in the scalp.


Humuluslupulus (hops) a valuable complex of amino acids, minerals and vitamins B1, B2 and C that stimulates hair production and gives brittle and delicate hair a thicker and more vital feeling.

The unique extracts Cynatine® & RootPrep™ in Harkontroll work together

Cynatine® HNS: Optimal nutritional and keratin supplementation for each hair follicle optimizes the conditions

RootPrep™: Cleansing, restoring and stimulating shampoo revitalizes hair follicle

RootPrep™: Stimulating, deep-acting serum promotes regrowth and contributes to thicker hair

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