Hair Beauty Concept

There are no shortcuts. Beautiful hair begins with the right nourishment for your hair roots. Hair quality cannot be improved just by working products into your hair. You have to start from within if you are going to get really good results. External products complete by protecting, strengthening, re-moisturising and giving shine and softness. Nutrition from within, protection and moisture from the outside - which sums up Hårkontroll’s entire product philosophy. Hårkontroll Hair Beauty Concept – a comprehensive concept for more beautiful and full-bodied hair.

Hårkontroll® Boost

Preserves the normal growth and well-being of the hair.

A structuring and boosting nutritional supplement with the patented, unique bioavailable keratin Cynatine® HNS, that binds to the natural keratin of the hair in combination with selected vitamins and minerals, along with a hefty dose of biotin that preserves the normal growth and well-being of the hair.

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Hårkontroll® Original

Proper supply of nutrients for growing hair.

A balanced daily supplement for strengthening hair and nails, including biotin to promote normal hair growth and properties, bamboo silica, millet, and L-cystine in conjunction with a wide array of selected vitamins and minerals which ensure a proper supply of nutrients for growing hair.

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Hårkontroll® Hair Shine Boosting Spray

Nourishing substances which give life and shine to frizzy and dry hair.

A strengthening and moisturising leave-in conditioner with castor oil, argan oil and Phytantriol for optimal shine and softness, and Panthenol provitamin B5 for moisturising and protection. A cocktail of nourishing substances which give life and shine to frizzy and dry hair.

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Hårkontroll® Deep Intense Hydrating Mask

Moisturising Hair Mask.

A moisturising hair mask containing nourishing and softening extracts which restore the hair’s natural softness and lustre, and protects and calms an irritated scalp.

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Hårkontroll Hair Beauty Concept’s products are available for purchase at all retail pharmacies, health stores, web stores and selected hair salons.